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Dolly & Kitty Sex It Up In A New Flick

 I don’t know  how far  it would be  correct to  call  Alankrita Shrivastava’s Dolly Kitty Aur Woh Chamakte Sitare a  “new” film. I remember Bhumi Pednekar talking excitedly about it  with me  two years  ago.

 But I guess everything happens in  its own time. Now is the time for  ‘Dolly’ Konkona Sen sharma  and ‘Kitty’ Bhumi  P to do the  sister act. And  they do look  comfortable enough to  pass off as  sisters .I must say they make for a rowdy pair  of  siblings, discussing each other’s sex  lives(haawww)   with a  titillating temerity.

This is the same universe  of  “liberated” women we  met  in  the  director’s Lipstick Under My Burqa.Disturbingly  Konkona Sen Sharma is still the sexually  frustrated wife with a thoughtless  husband lurching  mechanically  over her inert  physique in a bed that needs oiling. In  Burqa  the  heaving husband was Sushant Singh(not Rajput, the  other  one).

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 Here it is the  very talented Aamir Bashir,in  the role of an unthinking brute who  asks his wife, ‘What do  you see in that boy?Do you think  you will remain young forever?’.Silly man! Husbands who question their  wives  about their  lovers  in films are branded  insensitive and oppressive.

 There is  the  other  male prop Vikrant Massey  brought into  any and every heroine-centric  film by any enlightened  director to play the Vinod Mehra  of the new millennium. In Dolly Kitty etc etc  Massey seems to  serve  mainly one purpose. To serve smooches to  Bhumi Pednekar.  Hope he  had fun.

In the  midst  of the  activity-crammed  trailer  Kitty(Kajal)  is seen getting a toy-boy(Anmol Parasher)  a deliver boy  and he  seems to be doing his delivery   job in bed much better  than ther  husband,  going by  the  sounds  that  Ms Sen Sharma  makes.

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 As for  the trailer,it gives away  too much of the plot. TMI ….  It looks interesting, though. But  has  nothing new  to offer .Alankrita Shrivstava  took  us on the same  feminist ride in  Lipstick Under The Burqa.The women are  still angry. And hungry.And  there is little we  men can  do about it.

PS Bhumi comes  up with  a startling statistic: 1 out of every 4 men  enjoy phone  sex. Here is one in  return: 1 out of every 4 women enjoy working as a phone sex worker.


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