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Don 3 Will Be Made…But  I can’t Say When, Farhan Akhtar



Farhan Akhtar is afraid to speak about the film that everyone is waiting  for him to direct.

“I know what you mean,” says Farhan with a  chuckle. “But I am really afraid to say anything about Don 3 because anything I say will be held against me. If I am asked , am I making Don 3, and I say I  am  thinking about it, the  next day I see screaming headlines announcing  a date for Don 3.”

Farhan feels raising  the hopes and expectations  of fans  of the franchise is unfair. “I am surprised at  how  much the Don series matters to moviegoers. The interest level has not diminished at all.”

So what  is the  current status of Don 3?

Taking a deep breath Farhan says, “Yes, I do  have an idea for Don 3. But it’s just an idea at the moment. We need to develop it. I’ve been very taken up with my acting assignments in the past few years.  Now after Lucknow Central I am committed to  acting assignments with Nishikant Kamat and Mohit Suri.”

Farhan promises another Don film  in the near  future.  “It will happen.And it will happen sooner rather than  later. Otherwise Shah Rukh’s fans and the fans of the series would be extremely unhappy.”

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