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Don’t Bring Yash Into The Plagiarised Poster Row

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 When it comes  to original  ideas, our cinema tends to  take  a backseat ,opting   to “borrow”(read: steal)  ideas  from foreign sources rather than  going for something original.

 The  latest example of  creative vandalism is  the  poster of KGF2   showing Sanjay Dutt decked up in beads and a sword. It now  turns  out that  Dutt’s look is an exact copy  of  actor Travis Fimmel in  the Canadian television series  Vikings.

Social media  users have been quick to charge    the  KGF 2  team with plagiarism. However  the film’s leading man Yash is clueless  about the origins of the poster.

A  source  close to  the actor reveals, “His team came  to him with the poster, and that’s  it. He  liked Sanjay Dutt’s look in  the poster. Beyond that, Yash had no idea  about where  this was  coming  from. It is the creative team’s responsibility to  avoid  any work that seems  even remotely derivative.”

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Yash is  apparently  considering dropping the poster  from  the film’s publicity.

“More than Yash it is Sanjay Dutt who’s disappointed. He  had  taken  a whole lot  of  pains to  do this photoshoot. The  costume  , hairstyle all put together took  4-5 hours of hard work,” says a  source.

The poster was released on Sanjay Dutt’s 61st  birthday on July 29.


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