Double Celebrations At Priyanka’s Residence

There’s much reason for   happiness  in Priyanka’s place. Both Priyanka  and her  brother Siddharth turn a  year older.

Speaking on the two birthdays in her home Priyanka once said to me, “Yes, it’s party time   for us each year at this time. My kid-brother Siddharth  celebrates  his birthday  on 12  July while my birthday  is six days later on the 18th  .”

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So a joint celebration  for  the Chopra  siblings?

“I’d  love to,” exults  the doting Didi.  “But Siddharth  wants  to  bring in  his birthday in  a  big way with his friends. So Siddharth will  have a big party of his own.”

Priyanka had revealed she isn’t much of a party girl.

“That’s true.I’ve never had any kind   of party  ever since I came  into  this industry. Friends keep teasing  me about it. I’m not  a party person. Believe it  or  not, I’m  shy of   crowds.

Getting reflective she says, “I can’t believe  how much time has passed . I’m suddenly feeling old! Seriously. Professionally I’ve no  reason to complain.  At home we’ve gone through some turbulent times. Hopefully we’re out of it.”

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