Dulquer Salman Fractures Ankle During Dance Rehearsals

Malayalam actor Dulquer Salmaan known to  go out on  a limb for every performance didn’t see this challenge coming. He has landed himself with a broken ankle and torn leg ligaments that will keep him out of circulation  for  three weeks.

Speaking from his home in Chennai Dulquer says,  “It happened  on Wednesday in Kochi where I was rehearsing  for a fund-raising live show. As it is, I don’t do live shows. But this was for charity.What’s more my dad(Mammoothy) and Mohanal Sir were supposed to dance together. During  the rehearsal I  felt something crack while I was doing an intricate dance step.I knew I had broken something.”

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Dulquer  believes  in the adage  about the show going on. “I did my show with Mohanlal Sir and  Dad in spite  of  the angle. There was  so much at stake here. If I had skipped the  show there would have been repercussions since the tickets were sold weeks in advance.”

 How did he  manage with the  damaged ankle?

“My choreographer  was  very accommodating. He changed the steps , made it easier for me  to go through it somehow. Now I am in Chennai, but out of circulation for  three weeks, as per doctors’ orders. But let’s see how long I can  actually stay off my feet.”

Dulquer intends to use this time  to read new scripts. “My work in a Tamil film that I am doing(Kannum Kannum Kollaiyadithaal) is most affected. First  there was the Tamil film industry strike. Now my ankle…I will have to find a way to make up for lost time.”

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