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EC Bans Narendra Modi Bio-pic



The Election Commission has acted wisely and resolutely by stopping the April 11 release of Omung Kumar’s PM Narendra Modi, thereby throwing schedules and show timings across India into chaos.

The controversial film had been cleared for release just two days earlier by the honourable Supreme Court.And the film’s jubilant producer had scheduled the film for a April 11 release. This being the day the Lok Sabha elections begin. The opposition saw red and accused the bio-pic of electioneering propaganda.

In a decisive turn-around the EC on Wednesday afternoon, just hours ahead of the release, banned the film until the Lok Sabha elections are completed.

I spoke to a representative of a prominent multiplex chain about the sudden decision. He said the film trade was relieved. “There is almost zero interest in the public for the Narendra Modi film. They can smell propaganda and that too during elections, from miles away. We will now add shows of the big Hollywood comicbook franchise Hellboy.”

Hellboy in four languages benefits markedly from the exit of Modi from theatres this Friday.

Reacting to the ban, the newly-converted Congressman Shatrughan Sinha said, “It is a victory for democracy. How can a film on the Prime Minister be shown during elections?”

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