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Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Trailer Review: It Looks Mushy & Likeable



Anil Kapoor has waited patiently to  play his daughter’s father on  screen. The process took time. One can’t grab every  offer that comes  your way to do your real-life rishta on screen.

“Neither Sonam  nor I wanted  it to be gimmick…you know, ‘Get Father-Daughter At The Price Of One Ticket’ kind of  things,” Anil told me,reminding me of Sara Ali Khan who  says, “Whenever Abba (Saif Ali Khan)  and I  come together  it has to be  a really special  script.”

Looks like Anil and Sonam have found that special script. Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga has a lengthy title  that may  remind  you of the titles  of  V Shantaram’s  films. But the referential  resonance is  refreshing.  Ek ladki ko dekha was  the iconic  song that Anil Kapoor sang to the irradiant Manisha Koirala in Vinod Chopra’s  1942: A  Love Story.

And  now  it is  Vinod Chopra’s sister  Shelly Chopra Dhar directing  Anil Kapoor and his daughter in a love story that offers the healing comfort  of  shayari, nazaaqat, ched chad, and other innocuous games  of courtship that we seldom see in our movies anymore.

 So what is  the  problem? Very simple, really.  Sonam’s  love-interest is  of  Islamic  origin. Rajkummar Rao brings his natural exuberance  to  a plot that brims over with  bonhomie  and positivity.

You really can’t miss the  film’s  sense of  blithe radiance. As though all the strife and  violence  of the world has vanished. There is  only Sonam’s smile , Anil Kapoor’s grin  and Rajkummar Rao’s  shy courtship.

 Oh yes,  Juhi Chawla  wooes Anil Kapoor while Rajkummar wooes Sonam.

Woo’ kya kehta hain?  Love ke liye coochiecoo  bhi karega.  Cuddy, winsome  and  blissfully oblivious of  political  ramifications Ek Ladki Ko Dekha …. Could be 2019’s fluff-love story  that  we all have NOT been waiting for. But don’t mind seeing anyway.

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