Embarrassment For The Prime Minister Via Bio-pic

The  Narendra Modi  bio-pic directed by Omung Kumar  is proving to be  a source of huge embarrassment for the Modi government. Not  only has the trailer been terribly trolled  it now appears  that the  film’s producers are adding on names of  heavyweight  artistes in the film’s  credit titles , artistes who have nothing  to  do with the project.

 First it was  Javed Akhtar  who  called out  the fraudulence  in  the  film’s  publicity and posters where his name was mentioned as  one of  the lyricists.To  the  utter embarrassment  of  the film’s team Javed  Akhtar tweeted his protest saying he had  nothing to do with the  bio-pic.

Another well-known lyricist Sameer whose name was also  in the credits has come forward  to state he was  no part  of  the  project.

One now hears that Prasoon Joshi whose  name is also in the credits of the trailer   has not written any lyrics for  the bio-pic, though he  is not coming  out with a denial  due to his closeness to the Prime Minister.

 Sources  close  to  the  BJP state  that  the  Prime Minister’s office intends  to distance  itself from this unauthorized  bio-pic.

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