Embarrassment For The Roshans Increases With The Kangana Factor

With Kangana  Ranaut’s vocal sister  Rangoli’s tweet suggesting that Hrithik Roshan’s sister Sunaina has been calling Kangana  to offer secret and silent support  in Hrithik-Kangana war, the  Roshan family now faces further embarrassment  caused  by the daughter’s rebellious attitude.

While the Roshans have maintained a dignified  silence in the face of Sunaina’s open rebellion,a  family friend  says  the Roshans are  extremely  embarrassed and worried by  the daughter’s conduct.

“Rakeshji and (wife) Pinkyji have done their best to curb Sunaina’s rebellion. But nothing works.She is unstoppable. The  family won’t comment on her accusations. But   they are  deeply  disturbed  by the daughter’s  behaviour,” says  the family friend.

The  family friend also reveals  that  Kangana’s sister is probably telling the truth about Sunaina  calling  upKangana  . “Sunaina  is in a state of mind where she would sympathize with anyone who has an axe to grind with her family.All she really wants is  for her parents to give her needs the same attention as that  given to her  brother.She feels neglected and hence  angry.”

 Unfortunately  there seems  to be little dialogue between Sunaina and  her parents  . This is  further aggravating an  already-difficult situation. Friends  of the family  are  now trying to diffuse  a difficult  situation. Hopefully, the crisis  will blow over soon.

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