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Entertainment Industry Applauds Narendra Modi’s  Decision To Scrap The 500  and 1,000 Rupee Notes

Ustad Amjad Ali Khan: “While in School I could never pass in Arithmetic . I was Completely involved,committed  and  dedicated in the sound of music.I think our revered PM Sri Narendra Modijee understands arithmetic and  maths better then any

Indian.Perhaps this decision to ban 500 and 1000 rupee currency is to control the misuse of money to fund international violence and terrorism.  My only fear is, PM Saabke iss decision se menhgaai na badh jaye… Agar prices Badh gaye toh ghareeb aur bhighareeb ho  jayenge. Hope  this decision  of the PM  is really to help the poor people of India.I am hearing about  prices going up. If poverty is to be removed population must be controlled. Nobody is talking about   over-population or population control. The first priority for the government should be price control.Or else the poor won’t survive.Achche  Din have to created for the poor and the rich alike. ”

 Satish Kaushik: “I think it is a great step towards stopping unaccounted black money and fake currency .It will make some people uneasy now but it will be for good in long term.”

Naseeruddin Shah: “Courageous decision.  Let’s pray this works to check the black money monster. But prohibition hasn’t been able to stop the inflow of booze.”

Prasoon Joshi: “Today hard-earned money smiles. Respect the Historical step by our Prime minister.Intention and Action.”

Shekhar Suman: “Modiji’s tactical and strategic move of check and mate. Interestingly while India gets stumped America gets trumped!”


Tapsee Pannu: “This is the most drastic  I’ve seen the Indian government take during my lifetime.I hope it makes for a better India for our future generations. Now I hope they do something about the taxes and not over-burden the citizens because we pay way too much tax compensating for people who hoard  illicit wealth.”

Sudhir Mishra: “It’s a great move.All the black money will be unearthed. Vulgar obscene spending will stop. Prices will come down. Fake currency will disappear and funding of terror will stop.”

Pooja Bhatt: “Just gave birth to a new flourishing black money exchange market”

Dia Mirza: “I am so  grateful and happy that our PM has taken such a firm step.I truly hope he succeeds in cleansing our nation of all corruption.”


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