Entertainment Industry Raises It Voice Against Azam Khan’s Cheap Vulgar Comment On Jaya Prada

Vani Tripathi Tikoo: “This man(Azam Khan) has a history of vulgar misogynistic remarks against Jaya Pradaji. He has called her everything from a nachenewalli to a prostitute. Would he make the same lurid ‘underwear’ remark about a male opponent in politics?Women are repeatedly humiliated in politics with personal remarks about their clothes, makeup , etc. I am glad an FIR has been lodged against this monstrous misogynist. But that is not enough. He should be barred by the Election Commission from contesting any elections now or in the future.”

Khushboo Sunder: “I was in Kerala and I didn’t know of this despicable man’s latest muck slinging until someone told me about it. His words are no longer shocking. He is capable of saying anything to attract attention. The man is revolting. He is a slur on his gender. Jayapradaji chould immediately take criminal action against him. I wonder how he addresses the women in his family. Does he talk to them about the colour of their lingerie? What kind of an upbringing has this man had to talk this way? Bringing in the colour Khaki into his dirty attack on a dignified female politician is a very cheap communal gimmick. There will be a counter-attack with the colour ‘green’ being splashed . This is exactly the kind of attention this man wants.”

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Ashoke Pandit: “It’s nothing but arrogance of a politician like him. This is how they must be addressing their wives and daughters at home also. They need heavy medical treatment. None of those 600 signatories of film industry have condemned it. Probably must be thinking that’s it his freedom of expression.”

Renuka Shahane: “Azam Khan is somebody who has consistently been disgusting in his talk about women. Our politics would be better without him. He is a repeat offender. People like him should not be given a ticket at all. Hope strict action is taken against him for this outrageous insult.”

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