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Fabulous Li(v)es Of Bollywood Wives



The Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives S2

Fabulous Lives Of Bollywood Wives(Netflix, 8 Episodes)

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No clue  how this series on the  “fabulous”  Bollywood wives got past Season 1. Season  2 looks exactly like Season 1.With no notable embellishments except Ranveer Singh mumbling  ‘Cougars Inc’ when he meets the  ‘hot’  Bollywood wives.

I am not sure what he means. But Cougars Inc was  a film about  young guys   starting an  escorts service for  middleaged women.

Even the  guest appearances, Karan Johar for one,are the same. Bobby Deol saunters in during one  of the episodes to meet Seema Sajdeh who for those  who came in late, was until recently married to  Salman Khan’s brother.

Seema seems to be  an interior designer  of sorts. She has  designed a chair  which her friends calls  a  throne and which  looks  like  a  replica modeled  on the  old Ambassador cars. While Bobby remains noncommittal  about the ‘throne’  dress designer Vikram Phadnis is outright rude  about it.In fact he is  downright rude to Seema. But it seems from the interactive sessions that clutter the  presentation the Bollywod wives enjoy rude company.

 The  vexation that  Phadnis feel for the  chair, and by extension, its designer is what I experienced  while trying to sit through the second season  of The Fabulous  Lives Of  Bollywood  Wives. This is  not even lightweight entertainment like Masaba MasabaThe  Fabulous lives Of Bollywood Wives looks like something we can do without .It  is devoid   of any  purpose except to remind us what useless lives these pleasure seeking housewives lead.

Why do we want to  see Neelam Kothari arguing with her husband Samir Soni about  a get-together with her friends which he doesn’t want to attend?Why do we want to watch  Sanjay Kapoor and Maheep Singh arguing in front of their children in unparliamentary  language? It all seems  like such a wate  of time  energy and  money. Watch the animals mating on  Discovery Channel. They are far  more interesting.

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