Fakenews Strikes Again….Bhansali Not Meeting CMs Of States Banning Padmavati. Bhansali Responds

BDescribing as “mischievous” a report in a Mumbai tabloid stating that Sanjay Leela Bhansali intends to hold reconciliatory meetings with the chief ministers of the States which have banned Padmavati, a source close to the filmmaker completely denies the veracity of this reportage.

Says the source, “This is clearly a brainwave of a bored journalist looking for some excitement in his work. There is no plan whatsoever to meet Chief Ministers or to make potentially reconciliatory gestures with any other group or individual at the moment. SLB went to Delhi to meet the Parliamentary Committee for an amicable discussion. That was done out of respect for the Parliament. Apart from that the director has no intentions of meeting anyone to convince them to release his films.”

Another source close to Padmavati says the plan at the moment is to remain very quiet and low-profile.

“They’re waiting for the censor board to view Padmavati and for the Gujarat elections to be over before locking in on another release date,” says a source.

The question now is, why is the CBFC not viewing and certifying Padmavati?

“This was the question Prasoon Joshi was repeatedly asked by th Parliamentary Committee. He doesn’t seem to have any tenable answer to that,” says the informed source.

Back to the Bhansali rumour here is a warning from Sanjay Leela Bhansali to the speculative fantastical sections of the media: “Just because I am not speaking, please do not presume you can get away with anything.”

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