FakeNews: Vicky Kaushal Not Replacing Shah Rukh Khan

There are  stories  doing the rounds of Vicky Kaushal replacing Shah Rukh Khan  in SareJahaan Se Achcha  , the bio-pic on astronaut  Rakesh Sharma. However  sources   connected  with the film completely deny these reports.

“In  the effort to  be the  first to  break  news  entertainment portals  are  clearly jumping the  gun. Since  Vicky Kaushal  is  the  right fit for the role in terms  of age and talent, bold  headlines declaring him as a replacement  for Shah Rukh Khan may be  good publicity for  the news-hungry portals as well as  the  rising actor, but sadly  it’s not the truth,” says a source  close  to the  project.

A  little  bit of  probing reveals that  the much in-demand Kaushal  has  not really said yes to this  troubled  project which has  gone from Aamir Khan to Shah Rukh Khan  .And now to another actor since, apparently, Shah Rukh Khan has  also  opted out….

Sources  in  the know  claim Shah Rukh has  opted out of  the project.

“There  might have been some hesitation in playing an astronaut  after  Zero flopped(he had astronaut’s part  in Zero). But  the  opportunity to play Rakesh Sharma  is    tempting enough  to let go.So yes, though  Shah Rukh is  out of Sare  Jahan se Achcha,he may reconsider  his decision” says  the source.At the moment  reports of Vicky Kushal taking  over  the project are  completely  untrue. Riding high  on the success  of Uri, Kaushal is apparently  quoting a price that would  put a staggering burden  on  the  film’s budget.

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