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Fakenews: Yash Raj’s NewVickyKaushal-ManushiChillar Comedy Inspired By Dharamputra

Fakenews: Yash Raj’s  NewVickyKaushal-ManushiChillar Comedy Inspired By Dharamputra
Written by Subhash K . Jha

Imagination  soars  beyond the skies  as  entertainment portals  get desperate  for news. The latest brainwave comes to us  in the form  of  a Vicky Kaushal –Manushi Chillar comedy  which  according to an ingenious  portal, is going to be based on  Yash Chopra’s second  directorial venture  Dharamputra released  in  1961.

The  story is  wildly  improbable,  bordering on the ludicrous.  Firstly Dharamputra was not produced  by  Yash Raj but  Yash Chopra’s brother  B R Chopra, so it is not for  Yash Raj to remake  at  its will.

The story mentions that the supposed remake  would be inspired by the song  Tu Hindu banega na Mussalmanbanega  insaan  ki aulad hai insaan banega  from Dharamputra. That song is not even part  of Dharamputra! It is from Dhool Ka Phool.

 Dharamputra was a very serious  grim provocative film  on the Hindu-Muslim riots during India’s Partition into two countries  and Yash Chopra had  once told me , “It sparked  off riots in some areas, shows  had to be  cancelled.I decided I’d never attempt  something  on a Hindu-Muslim theme after that.”

Yash Raj has to be completely suicidal to  attempt something so  volatile in such  over-sensitive  times.Hope that  puts all wild  speculations about a Dharamputraremake to rest.

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