Fallout Between Producer and Director Of Thackeray, Director Walks Out Of Premiere

There seems  to be  some serious dissent brewing in the ranks  of  the Thackeray team. According to sources  the director Abhijeet Panse and  the film’s helmer architect and  co-producer Sanjay Raut have been “off the same  page” for some time now.

Apparently Panse feels  his role and function in the making of the Thackeray  bio-pic  was  being undermined.

Says  an informed  source, “Panse as the director  of  the  bio-pic felt he had  the  right to be treated as  the  project’s helmer.Sanjay Raut, on the  other hand, considers himself  the  backbone  of  the  project, and behaves  as such. There was constant  friction between the two.”

The  conflict erupted into  open rebellion  on  Tuesday evening at  a  special screening  of Thackeray where  the  director and his  family walked out without seeing  the  film.

A core member  of the team informs, “There was a  larger audience at the screening than expected. I  think Sanjay Rautjiallotted (director) Abhijeet Penseji’s  seats  to  some other guests at  the last minute. When  Abhijeetji was  informed that he and  his family  would have  to sit in the front row  a heated  argument  broke  out between  Penseji and Rautji. After thisPense walked out with his  family without seeing the film.”

Coincidentally the  director  of this week’s  other  bio-pic Manikarnika also walked  out  on his  producer. But that’s another story.

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