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Family Man Goes International, To Be Dubbed Into 10 International Languages



Family Man Goes International, To Be Dubbed Into 10 International Languages 12

 If fans  of Raj-DK’s The Family Man are  wondering why they’ve to wait until so  long—February 12 is the release  date– for Season 2, there is a reason for the delayed season.

“One  is  of course is  Covid, that villain of every show in 2020,” informs  a source  close  to the   project. “But there is a bigger reason  why The  Family Man 2  was  delayed. It’s because The Family Man  2  will be dubbed into  various foreign languages by Amazon and released   simultaneously  across  the  globe , along with the original  Hindi version.”

This is a marketing strategy Amazon adapted after seeing the  response  to the first season of The Family Man.

“The Family Man in Hindi was received  well all across the  globe even in Hindi. To widen  its reach, Amazon has now decided to  dub Season 2 globally,” says my  impeccable source.

The directorial duo Raj and DK have  a reputation of doing the  unexpected, whether is  India’s first  zombie film(Go Goan Gone)  or a game-changing comic chudail film Stree which the  duo wrote  to  super-success. In The Family Man they are on much firmer ground. The idea of a dull white-collar   office-goer moonlighting as  an undercover agent is  not  new.  Arnold Schwarzenegger did it  in James Cameron’s  True Lies 25 years ago.

But  it’s  refreshing to  meet a screen  hero  many sizes smaller than the  larger-than-life  heroes  we’ve been watching all this  year.Manoj  Bajpai specializes  in playing a cornered Everyman with a  dark secret. It’s even more refreshing for  the hero’s  friend  played by the very talented   SharibHashmi , to get some of  the best lines  .

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