Fantastic Beasts Gets ‘UA’ With No Cuts 

Deviating from the norm of recommending nominal cuts in Hollywood adventure-fantasies with violent content, the Censor  Board Of Film Certification has granted a ‘UA’ with no cuts to the eagerly awaited fantasy franchise from Marvel comic who scored a big success with Doctor Strange recently.

Spurred by the approbation granted by the Indian moviegoing public to Doctor Stange, and undeterred by the abysmal opening of  last Friday’s Big Bollywood release Rock On 2,Warner Brothers plans  a massive release for  Fantastic Beasts…  in 4 languages(English, Hindi,Tamil and Telugu).

However the sword of demonetization hangs over  this big-ticket spectacle .

Says a source from Warner Brothers, “Doctor Strange had a 5-day advantage before demonetization hit India’s economy and created havoc at the movie boxoffice. Fantastic Beats…will have no advantage over the demonetization  distress. In fact the financial  situation  is  more dire than we are ready to accept. The Indian populace will postpone all entertainment expenses for some time to come. It’s bound  to have an impact on the opening of Fantastic Beasts….But we are going ahead with the release this Friday  as we cannot postpone the release.”


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