Farah Khan Calls Kapil Sharma ‘Mannerless’? Kapil &  Director React

Without naming him, Farah Khan has called Kapil Sharma “mannerless”—does she mean  ill-mannered?– for inviting her to his film’s premiere through an sms message.

The “mannerless” tweet  refrains from naming Kapil, but nonetheless makes it clear whom she is talking about.

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Reacting to the strong reprimand Kapil’s Firangi director Rajiev Dhingra says, “I don’t understand this negativity surrounding Kapil. Why is he being treated like this? Could it be he has offended important people  by just being who he is? Even the reviews for  Firangi are pretty harsh.I don’t think we deserve  such condemnation.”

Kapil seemed  taken aback at the “mannerless” allegation.

“We had a show on Thursday.In whatever way I thought correct I had invited  all  my friends from the  film industry,It was mostly attended by cast crew and our friends and family. I hope  my big powerful friends  on  the  film industry will see the film later,” says Kapil.

A source close to Kapil wonders if Farah Khan would’ve reacted  the same way if Shah Rukh Khan had invited her in a  similar fashion. “Today Kapil is on the slow track. It’s easy to target him.”

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