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Farah Khan’s Regressive Comment On Alia’s Pregnancy



Alia Bhatt

A section of the netizens think  Sushant Singh Rajput will come back  as  Alia  and Ranbir Kapoor’s unborn  child. As if that is  not creepy enough we now have Farah Khan telling Ranbir’s mother Neetu Singh  Kapoor on a  reality show  that  Rishi Kapoor is coming back as Alia and Ranbir’s child.

It’s all very confusing. Is  the child coming back as Sushant or Rishi ?And  what  if  it’s a girl? Not that gender matters.

But seriously , why are they  putting so much pressure  of  the  poor couple, and more  importantly  why are we doing a  Karz on  the  unborn child?  Punar janam and all that in this day and age, and that too from a broadminded babe like Farah Khan?! Or at least I  always  thought of her as  broadminded. She has always done  her own thing, nor caring about what  others  think of her.

So why is she suddenly this conformist  soothsayer  making  the right noises for a  nation starved  for miracles?

It is sad when someone as  progressive as Farah Khan falls prey to  the lure of  crowd-pandering. Everyone  loves a sentimental   past-future flip-forward.I would love to see Rishi  Kapoor born again.But I am not sure  I would like Ranbir and Alia’s  moment of joy to be  gobsmacked  by  blind superstition.

I know  it  is  that time in the history  of Indian civilization when  everyone is claiming his or her past heritage. In the very  Hindu sounding  Rashtra Kavach Om Aditya Roy Kapur  exclaims, “Jai Bhawani” before doing his dangerous stunts. No harm in that, But the problem arises when we allow faith  to turn blind  . That’s when alarm  bells begin to ring in all rational  minds.

This is Ranbir and Alia’s  most  wonderful time of their life. To become parents  has always  been a secret wish for them two  actors. Alia  in  fact  shared her pregnancy with a close director-friend a few weeks before she announced  it on social media. She was very excited and  happy, as she told  the  director, “I’ve always dreamt  of this. Marriage, a baby. In  fact the reason we  got married was so that could become parents.”

As the couple waits for the  new arrival in their home, why not give them the space to enjoy parenthood rather than crowding them with unreasonable expectations?  It is interesting that  fans  and  friends are presuming the child will “come back” as a male. Why not a girl child? Even Rishi Kapoor would have liked that.

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