Farewell To Friendship, Ayan Mukerjee Stays Away From Katrina’s Birthday

Katrina Kaif has not only lost the love of her life.She has also lost her closest friend in Mumbai.

By staying away from Katrina’s birthday party filmmaker Ayan Mukerjee who was close to both Ranbir and Katrina made his loyalty crystal clear, thereby putting a closure on all the hurt and protestation that Ayan paraded every time he was asked if he was still friends with Katrina.

On one such occasion when asked about his friendship with Katrina post her breakup with Ranbir Ayan had thrown a tantrum and retorted, “Yeh sab fizool baatein(useless talk) hain. She is and she will always be a dear friend.”

By not showing up for her first post-breakup party Ayan made his stance very clear.

Says a source close to the development, “There was never any question of divided loyalties.Ayan is first and foremost Ranbir’s best friend and confidante. He met Katrina through Ranbir and became close to her. In factAyan  wrote Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani for Ranbir and  Katrina. She refused, because at that point of time she did want her personal equation with Ranbit to spill into the professional.All through their relationship Ayan was a mediator and a confidante.When the relationship ended he had no choice but to pitch his tent in Ranbir’s backyard. Not only are they best friends Ranbir is also the leading man in Ayan’s next.What choice does he have?”

For Katrina the birthday party on Friday was significant. Since her disastrous birthday party hosted by SalmanKhan in 2008 Katrina sneaks off to her family in London for her birthdays.She has never before hosted a party for her birthday or otherwise.

Says a friend of the actress, “She wanted to show the world  she was recovering from her heartbreak. It was a show of strength.And Ayan proved her weakness.”

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