Fakenews: Farhan Akhtar to play a cop in Don 3. Khaki paan Benaras wala?

Errr, Who Gives Out Such  Ridiculous Information?”  Farah Akhtar PoohPoohs Don 3 Reports

Prompted by an enterprising newspaper the internet was abuzz on  Tuesday with reports of Farhan Akhtar starting  Don 3 .

And guess what? The writer’s imagination got really wild as we were told that Farhan Akhtar would also star in the Don franchise this time playing a  cop.

 Alas, all wishful thinking!

When  I asked Farhan about these reports he was baffled. “Don 3??? What Don 3??? I have no plot, not even a story idea about the next Don film. But I am glad to know I will be playing a cop in this film whenever it happens. Maybe I  should start training  for the job?”

 On  a more serious note Farhan requests all the speculation about Don 3 to cease. “Where does all this ‘news’ come from? Who thinks of  these  ridiculous innovations for a project that yet to crystallize. At  the moment Don 3 is only an idea jissko pakadnamushkil hai. Hopefully, namumkin nahin.”

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