Farhan Akhtar: We Will Release Raees On 26 January

The titanic clamorous clash between two purported  blockbusters seems inevitable again.The Ritesh Sidhwani-Farhan Akhtar produced Rahul Dhalokia-directed Shah Rukh Khan starrer Raees will release on 26 January along with Rakesh Roshan-produced Sanjay Gupta-directed Hrithik starrer Kaabil.

It was hoped and even speculated that the Raees producers  “would see some sense” and pull  out in time since Rakesh Roshan had announced his film first.

But Farhan sees no sense on holding back Raees any longer.

Farhan protests, “Please don’t call it a clash. We are not here to compete with Rakesh Uncle and Hrithik’s film.There are just so many Fridays in a year. Then there are those weeks like the Shraddh or pre-Diwali and pre-Eid when one can’t release one’s film. So where does one go?”

Farhan sees no conflict on two major releases coming together. “I truly feel—and I am not saying this because we’re coming with another film –there is room for two films to do well, as long as they are both good films with solid VFM(value for money).In the past so many times there have been instances of two big films coming on the same Friday and doing well. Even our production house(Excel) has released films on the same Friday as other big films.”

Farhan  sees the clash as unavoidable  but not damaging. “Quite recently Bajirao Mastani and Dilwale were released on the same day.They both did well. I’d wish and pray that our film Raees and  the Roshans’ Kaabil would both do well.”

So no collision drama? Farhan chuckles, “I am the last person to wish  ill for anyone’s film. So those who are hoping to get clash quotes on the ‘may-the-best-film-win’ topic may please look elsewhere. Roshan Uncle and Hrithik are family. I want their film to do just as well, if not better than ours.”

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