Farhan’s Acting Debut To Release 10 Years Late

Anand Surapur’s The Fakir Of Venice which was meant to be  Farhan Akhtar’s acting debut and which features Anu Kapoor in the title role was to be released in 2009.  It is now being released 10  years later on February 1 .

Surprisingly  the  time lapse has  not made  a difference  to Farhan’s  look at all. He looks almost exactly  the same  now as  he did when  the  film was made.

Says Farhan, “I don’t  look at myself in the mirror.Or  even in my films.  But yes, being naturally  lean in  frame helps  your metabolism.”

Says a  source, “Farhan  is not promoting  the  film , as it would be  unethical to recommend a  film that has  come ten years  too late.  But he’s is  not opposed  to  the film’s release as  it still has a certain  freshness  to it. Farhan and Anu Kapoor  make an entertaining  twosome in this story of  two imposters and their adventures in Venice.”

To go back  to the  time  of the  film’s  making, The Fakir Of  Venice directed  by Anand  Aurapur was  designed as  Farhan’s acting debut. But when its release got delayed Farhan signed  Rock On  with  director Abhishek Kapoor, and  the  rest  is history

The  Hollywood Reporter  in  its review  of the film in 2009 had written, “(Farhan) Akhtar, a producer, director and writer making his film debut here as an actor, is talented and handsome enough — and with looks that could translate into any number of ethnicities — to have a huge career ahead of him.(Anu)  Kapoor is a veteran actor who delivers a brilliant performance as a humble but determined man whose motives remain secret until the climax.”

It remains to be seen how The  Fakir Of Venice performs  at  the  Indian  boxoffice since the  film was purposely designed  for an  international audience.

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