Father’s Day Special: Aditya Narayan On His Father Udit Narayan

“My father is my first hero, idol that I look up to. I have imbibed my work ethics from him.

I admire his courage, patience and persistence. I have also learn​t from him how to maintain one’s simplicity after attaining so much love from millions of fans everywhere.

He literally has the world at his feet. He is still the same man that he was before superstardom happened.With time, our relationship has evolved, as it happens with  any father and son. When I was young, he was the caring father, as I grew older, he was the strict parent. Now, we are buddies. We share a drink a couple of times in a year, watch movies, go for cricket matches. He is too simple, so I make sure that I spoil him a little. We shared a Cuban cigar on last Father’s Day .”

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