Fawad Khan Never Said Anything Remotely Anti-India

More shocking and disheartening than the current mood of aggravated animosity between the two countries is the lies, white blatant lies, that are being spread, on the internet and in supposedly responsible sections of the film industry and politicians.

While the internet is filled with malicious anti-India quotes from Pakistan, Fawad Khan who has curiously became the face of the Pakistani film industry in Bollywood , is attributed with the most  outrageous remarks on Bollywood and India.

The President Of IMPPA , T P Aggarwal says he has HEARD  that Fawad said , “Bollywood kisike baap ka hai kya?”(is Bollywood the property of anyone’s father).

This, Fawad is supposed to have said , “to a certain section of the media” .

Which section, which media? No answers.

We also had MNS Chitrapat Sena Ameya Khopkar being quoted as saying that he had HEARD that Fawad had commented in Pakistan , “Hindustani logon ka dil bahot chotahai.”

It now turns out that Fawad never said any of these things  being thrown around on theinternet as proof of the actor’s ingratitude to India .

A  close friend of the actor says, “Fawad is quiet, not responding to all the allegations insults and insinuations. I think that’s the best way to deal with slander and infamy. But it seems the more he keeps mum the less respect some rumour-mongers have for his silence. They claimed he had said ‘Bollywood kisike baap ka nahin’ and ‘Hindustani logon ka dilbahot chota hi.’ Whom did he say this to, and where? No one knows the origin of these quotes . Fawad himself is dazed by the rapid developments in the Indo-Pak issue. But more shocking is the manufactured quotes about Bollywood and India attributed to him. Fawadnever said these things.”

So  why doesn’t he issue a denial?

“Is there any point in denying such outrageous comments? Most people don’t believe he said these things. Those who believe he did say such things wouldn’t change their minds just because he denied saying them,” says the source.

Angry at the malicious lies being spread Pahlaj Nihalani the President of the Movie Image Makers producers’ association says, “The producers’ associations that are spreading lies about Fawad are the ones who can never have access to him. He is  beyond their reach. So they are trying to get him out. But Fawad comes to  India with a legitimate visa to work.He comes here because he is invited to work. The same goes for the other Pakistani actors who come with proper work permits. No one except the government of India has the right to tell them to leave.”

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