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Female Cinematographers Of  India Unite

This Women’s Day there is heartening news for women cinematographers. A  group  of  feisty females from the cinematography fraternity have come together to honour and celebrate their ilk and display solidarity as one peer group.

Cinematographer Savita Singh who has shot films as far-ranging as Ram Gopal Varma’s Phoonk and Vibhu Puri’s Hawaaizaada , says the initiative was long due. “Not many people even know that there is a sizable number  of women doing cinematography in Indian cinema in various languages. There are more than 60 of us female cinematographers. How many of them  can be named by filmmakers in our country?”

Savita’s cinematographic sisters  have decided to come together asIWCC(Indian Women Cinematographers’ Collective).

Explains Savita, “The idea is NOT to isolate women from the male cinematographers, or to show we can do  it better than men. This is not about THEM and US. It’s about drawing attention to the underexposed  neglected group of professionals known as female cinematographers. Through the IWCC we want to provide a platform for all women cinematographers to come forward and make themselves heard.We also want to encourage more women to take up cinematography as a course in film schools.”

The  move for female cinematographers was initiated by senior woman cinematographer Fouzia Fatima.

Says Savita, “We’ll also honour B R Vijayalaxmi, India’s first female cinematographer on International Women’s day.”


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