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Film Federation writes  To Maharashtra CM to Resume Work



The  Federation of  Western India Cinema Employees(FWICE) has written to the Maharshtra Chief Minister  Shri Uddhav Thackeray to allow the Mumbai  film industry  to resume partial work.

 The  letter dated 19 May  2020  asks   the CM to allow post-production  work to resume.

 Says  the letter,  “If permissions(sic.)  are  given to carry out such post-production activities…which can be done in closed  studios  with minimum workforce it would be  great relief  ….they(producers) shall be  ready to  release their projects  immediately after  the lockdown is lifted.”

The FWICE’s Chief Adviser Ashoke Pandit who  is one of  the undersigned in  the letter says, “The  film industry  like the rest  of the economy is  reeling  under an unprecedented  economic crisis.  We need to get back to work slowly  because we can’t wait  for  the  virus  to  go away. I don’t think  it’s  going away anytime in  the  near future. We have  to work our way  around  it.”

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