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Finally, A Denizen From Kannada Cinema Speaks On Darshan’s Shocking Murder Allegation



Kannada star Darshan 

Finally, A  Denizen  From Kannada Cinema Speaks On  Darshan’s Shocking Murder Allegation

 It happened earlier in the South when Malayalam star Dileep was accused of instigating  sexual assault  on a female co-actor in  a moving vehicle.

 Now it is the Kannada film industry which has been  rocked  by the  gruesome  and violent murder allegedly committed  by Kannada star Darshan and his  alleged accomplices .

I  tried to speak  to several of Kannada cinema’s leading actors  and filmmakers. They all barricaded my  efforts .

 A major Kannada  star whom I  respect for his straightforwardness pleaded,  “Sir, please  don’t  involve  me  in this. It has nothing to do with me.”
I reminded  him that none of us had anything to do with the Nirbhaya case.

He  argued back, “This is  about standing by  a colleague. If he has done this, the law should punish him. But I don’t want to say anything.”

Shamefully  I  faced the same stonewalling during the Dileep episode where the biggest Malayalam  superstars  held their peace.

 Finally, though, someone with a  strong voice did speak up about the Darshan incident,and  slow clapping  for filmmaker Hemanth Rao who directed last year’s stunning Sapta Saagaradaache Ello – Side A and its sequel.

Said Hemanth, “Hello, Sir. I am at a loss of words at how  ridiculous his(Darshan’s)  decision making has been in all of this. I  hope the law and  judicial process stay true to the victim.”

We hope Hemanth’s  statement will embolden his spineless colleagues to break their silence. Being a celebrity is a huge responsibility.You can’t abuse that privilege for settling  personal scores.And  worse is the oath of silence to  protect the alleged wrongdoer.

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