Firecracker Display At Priyanka’s Wedding Raises Protests

The  trollers couldn’t have hoped   for a better reason to rain on  Priyanka Chopra’s celebrations.After Priyanka was  legally wedded to Nick Jonas a huge firecracker  display was  put on to celebrate  the  union. As  the skies of Jodhpur lit up , many  of Priyanka’s fans felt disillusioned.

Priyanka, a selfdeclared asthmatic, has been a  vocal supporter of a zero-crackers smoke-free environment.

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She is now being called out for  her hypocrisy  on  the  issue.

When I reached  out to Priyanka’s  environment-conscious colleagues they said they would rather  not comment on an event that accompanied  the  most important day of her life.

Off the record an eco-friendly actress commented, “We all feel happy for her(Priyanka). But she must remember she is a public figure. Her emotions must be curtailed accordingly.There are  other ways of expressing  happiness than  bursting crackers.”

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