For Salman’s Family Katrina Is The Ideal Girl For Their Son

 “Girlfriends may come girlfriends may go, Katrina goes on  forever,” a very close friend  of Salman Khan philosophises.

And he  isn’t off the mark.A  majority of  those close to  Salman say Katrina is  the permanent woman in Salman’s life.

“Many  of us call her ‘Katrina Bhabhi’. She  is  like that  only in Bhai’s life. The dependable, most valued woman outside his mother and sisters . If Bhai had his  way he would’ve married her(Katrina) ten years ago. But she didn’t want to, for whatever reasons. Her career, perhaps. Besides Salman, the only  serious  relationship she  got into was Ranbir Kapoor. As long as it lasted she’d run to Bhai for advice every time  there was  a problem  with Ranbir. After she  broke up with Ranbir, Salman was  there to catch her  from falling.I think now they are  closer than ever before. Salman’s mother and sisters  dote on Katrina. In fact Salman’s mother wants him to marry he,” says an old friend  of  the Khan superstar.

 So why doesn’t he marry Katrina?

“I think Katrina has  gone beyond a  romantic relationship with Salman. She looks at him as a solid support system.She will share everything with him but not the bed. If ever Salman  gets  married his wife will have to deal with Katrina’s omnipresence,” say another family friend.

“I don’t  think  Salman has  ever been  so close to  any of his girlfriends. He has maintained  cordial relations with his ex- Sangeeta Bijalani. But nothing  like what we see him sharing with Katrina. They are almost like twins. She doesn’t have to say what she needs. Salman has  it ready for her even before she articulates her need.”

 Katrina once  told this writer that the one person whom she can depend on in this entire universe   is Salman.

So  maybe there is  still hope of them getting together as a married couple some day.

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