Frantic Behind The Scenes Efforts To Sort Out Mess On Kapil’s Show

With most of the prominent laughter raisers  deciding to opt out The Kapil Sharma Show, the show’s producers and  Channel broadcaster are frantically trying to work out a peace plan between the superstar Sharma and the  star-in-his-own-right Sunil Grover who clashed midair last week precipitating a twitter tussle that’s taken its toll on the show.

An actor who was a guest on the show last weekend says he had no idea of the behind-the-scenes  tussle. “When we reached for the recording we were told Sunil Grover , Chandan Prabhakar and Ali Agar would join us,as they are late. But they  never turned up. The show was managed almost entirely by Kapil who was as usual, a bundle of energy,sharp wit and edgy sarcasm. But we missed the prominent presence of the other regular actors.”

In the meanwhile in what could be seen as a significant development  Sony Entertainment, the Channel that hostsThe Kapil Sharma Show, is frantically trying to bring about a reconciliation between Kapil Sharma and SunilGrover.

“It is being wrongly reported that Sunil is asking for a pay hike before considering a return to the show.Sunil has no intentions of going back to the show,” says a source close to Sunil.

The legal teams  of the three parties namely Sony Entertainment, Sunil Grover and Kapil Sharma, are now considering the various options.

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