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From One Modi To Another Shatrughan Sinha ,In This Exclusive Interview With Subhash K Jha,



 Challenges  his  detractors, many of them  from his own parent party, with a line taken from actor Sohrab Modi.

There is a lot of speculation  about your  political future?Would  it be  correct to say  you are   done with the  BJP?  Susheel Modi seems  to think so?

Who is this Modi? I  only know one Modi in  the BJP. The  real  action hero our Prime Minister  the honourable  NarendraModiji.  Who are these small frys to tell me what  to do? Yeh  bujhte hue diye itna phad-phada kyon rahe hain? Tell them  to please  find some  other  way to get  publicity rather than  by using my name. As for  leaving the party,  let the high command say it. I will  leave at  once.

At a rally that you attended with Ms Mamta Banerjee you all  but declared  her  the  next Prime Minister?

She  is  certainly the  perfect  fit for  the  job. Look at her struggles and sacrifices for her state. She has risen  from the grassroots  and she cares  for the poor and the  underdogs. Inaction  has  driven  our  current  Prime Minister away from the masses.  The  people are angry . They feel let-down.

So you see Mamta Banerjee as  the  next prime minister?

Yes,  why not?  Lekin abhi Dilli dur hai. We need to focus  on the current political crisis  in our country.Which  is what the gathbandhan is  trying to do.

You are  being criticized  by the BJP for not announcing your candidate for  prime minister?

Arrey wah,  there are states where the candidate for chief minister has not been announced  by  them. As  the great SohrabModi said in the film YehudiTumhara  khoon, khoon hamara khoon ,  pani?   Wohkaren toh raas leela hum Karen tohcharacter dheela? This politics  of double standards has  brought the country to the  brink of disaster.

So do you admit you  don’t have a prime ministerial candidate?

On the  contrary we have several  potential prime ministers  in our ranks whereas they have only one  face and  only one candidate.

So who are the political players you are planning to align  yourself with and are we  going to  hear of a  new political party from you ?

Let the holy  festival  of  Basant Panchami arrive.Everything  will be clear.  In  the meanwhile  everyone can see who my political allies are, be it Mamta Banerjee or Arvind Kejriwal. These are people with whom I share a mutual respect . For any  political  alliance to work there  should be respect  within the ranks.

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