Who Is Funding Kapil Sharma’s Downfall?

We know the comic virtuoso scripted his own downfall.  But who is fuelling and, if sources to be believed,  funding it?

 There seems to be a consolidated and scarily tangible  campaign in a section of the entertainment  business to bring Kapil Sharma’s unprecedented stardom to heel.That Kapil himself aided this destruction campaign through his alcoholism does not take away from the alarming suggestion that his career is being sabotaged by people who stand to gain from his loss.

The clamour to bring him down by man  ‘pegs’(pun intended) has been gaining momentum from the time Kapil squabbled with   some of his colleagues  on a flight from Australia to India. The incident was leaked to the press in an exaggerated and distorted  form in  the media.

Kapil has different  version of the truth to offer about what really happened midflight. But he  is not interested in providing  a defence for his behaviour.

“Ever since then Kapil has been facing a very peculiar  and disturbing campaign to  bring him  down.We all know who are the people  behind this. But we can’t point a finger at them because we’ve no way of proving their guilt: they are very clever at covering their tracks,” says  a close friend  of  Kapil’s.

When pressed to name the alleged  culprits, the friend names  two former  colleagues of Kapil’s show.

“They can’t bear to see him happy or healthy  or successful. They’ve been  constantly calling up media persons with alleged news of Kapil’s misdeeds, a  lot of it exaggerated or simply made up. Since Kapil remains largely inaccessible to the media some sections  of  the press are happy to report the one-sided allegations  regarding his conduct.These trouble-makers who have been misinforming the  press are  the ones rejoicing hard because Kapil’s new film Firangihas not opened well,” says the friend.

When  questioned about the negativity in the  press about him, Kapil Sharma said, “I don’t know who is responsible,or why. But I do know I haven’t harmed anyone intentionally. The incidents of my supposed  misbehavior under the influence of  alcohol are very exaggerated and  untrue. I have hurt no one except myself with my drinking disorder.”

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