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Fuss Over Aiyaary’s Censor Is Invalid, It Was Certified 3 Weeks Ago, Say Censor sources



Here is  the thing. All the  fuss over Neeraj Pandey’s Aiyaary being denied a censor certificate  over questions raised by the Defence Ministry are  true.But the reports have come after the expiry date.

According to sources in  the CBFC, Aiyaary was  certified three weeks ago.

Says  the  source,  “I really don’t know what  the stories about the delay are about. Aiyaarywas certified nearly three weeks ago. Yes, members of the Defence Ministry did view the film. But it is a normal practice  to  invite experts when a  film is historical, political or religious in content.  For the screening  of Padmaavat we had invited historians. For Aiyaarywe invited defence personnel since  the film is set in  an army background.”

But here comes the shocker  from the source. “Aiyaary was cleared three weeks ago, prior to its earlier  release date January 26. There were some nominal objections  from the defence personnel. And  the  film was given a  go-ahead.”

So then why this hue-and-cry over ‘Defence’ delays by the  CBFC?

“Probably a face-saving device to  avoid a clash with PadMan on February 9. They are pulling out the censor card now to  validate another postponement,” says  a source clued into the development.

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