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As Gauri Khan’s Health Suffers, Will Aryan Khan Finally Go Home Today?



Gauri Khan - Aryan Khan

Almost a month after he was arrested for narcotics possession/consumption, Aryan Khan is still not out in bail. As the latest bail please lies pending in court, we now hear alarming news on Aryan’s mother Gauri Khan’s health  .

A family friend says, “She has stopped eating almost entirely. She prays a lot. She doesn’t communicate her grief(about her son’s arrest) with anyone. Our fear is that she may suffer a  nervous breakdown due to the emotional and physical stress she has been subjected to during the past month.”

The family friend says every rejection of Aryan Khan’s bail plea has been like death for Gauri.

Shah Rukh is taking Aryan’s prolonged confinement far better than Gauri khan. She is not being able to cope with the enormity of her disappointment. She has stopped meeting friends completely and spends her time crying and praying,” says  the  friend, requesting this writer to not write  about Gauri’s health as it seems like “trying to get cheap sympathy.”

But we feel any mother who has to go through what Gauri is suffering must let the world know that the law is equal to all. And just because you are the son of the country’s biggest superstar  doesn’t mean you will be locked away in prison for a bailable offence, just to prove that the  privileged are disempowered  by the law.

Friend say they fear for Gauri’s health if her son doesn’t come home soon.

“She has started to despair. She is  losing hope. ‘Will I ever see him again?’ she asked a friend on the phone,” a source tells me.

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