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Glamorous Parliamentarians Get Savagely Trolled



Newly elected parliementarians from showbiz Mimi Chakraborty and Nusrat Jahan got savagely trolled for  the clothes that they  wore  to parliament.

Firstly , most sane  elements of  our society agree there  was  nothing  wrong with  their clothes . They were dressed decorously. Secondly,  must women from the entertainment  world be subjected to  ceaseless sartorial  surveillance and scrutiny, no matter where they go?

No! Says  veteran superstar and parliamentarian Hema  Malini. “They were nicely dressed  .So I don’t know that the  fuss is about. Secondly, who are these people  to comment on how we women dress?”

Actress-activist Renuka Shahane  agrees with Hema. “I do not think there was anything wrong in the clothes both had worn. Their dress was not “unparliamentary” at all. People just need targets to troll and they find it especially easy to target women about the clothes they should or should not wear.”

Actress-politcian Khushboo Sunder  feels gender attitudes need to evolve with the  times. “Times are changing and we need to change..their working going to speak and not the clothes..there is no hard n fast rules for cottons n linens in parliament..they represent the next has seen women breastfeeding their babies in parliament n here we are still stuck up on clothes..I welcome them.  More power to them.”

Says  singer- parliamentarian  Baabul Supriyo, “In Social Media, millions of People will have Millions of opinions. The challenge is to differentiate trolls from positive criticism, ignore or make a note of it and move on.”

Swara  Bhaskar has  the  last word  on the subject of objectifying women in parliament. “It’s classic textbook sexism and shouldn’t be given attention.”

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