God Woman Sshivani Durga: Proved to my daughter that you can win hearts by being yourself in the house

Diwali is one of the happiest festivals in India. Diwali brings in a lot of joy and celebrating this festival with her family will be Sshivani Durga who found herself eliminated from the Bigg Boss house. She holds a double PhD in Occultism from the University of Chicago, and had entered the Bigg Boss house with the sole purpose of proving not all Swamis are untrustworthy.

She wanted to enlighten everyone with her knowledge as a ‘Sanyasini’. Sshivani was friendly with Hina, Vikas and many other housemates. In fact, towards the end, she even got close to Shilpa – someone she wasn’t very fond of, when she first entered the house.

No matter how bad the conditions were, she stuck to her values and never gave up on them. Most of the contestants will miss sipping on the special tea prepared by Sshivani Durga. She looked at all the contestants as her own ‘Bachchaas’ and cared for them like their mother.

On being out of the house, Sshivani commented, “They say that if you ask for something from the bottom of your heart, your dreams do come true. I feel blessed to be a part of this seasons Bigg Boss. We lived in the house like a family but from the past few days, I couldn’t handle the fights going on inside the house. Nonetheless I proved to my daughter that you can win hearts by being yourself in the house and I am sure I have made few friends for life from the house”.

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