Good News For Priyanka Chopra, Her 2nd Hollywood Outing Is Less Disastrous Than The First

Priyanka Chopra In Krissh 4

Priyanka Chopra who has lately been under the radar for her love life and for appearing in controversial anti-India episode of the American series Quantico , may at last breathe a sigh of relief as far as her Hollywood career in concerned .

Her second Hollywood outing A Kid Like Jake a sensitive film about a little child with gender issues and hoow his parents come to terms with their son’s feminine personality , features Priyanka in a decent respectable thought brief role that insults neither intelligence nor any culture.

It would be recalled with a shudder how disastrous Priyanka’s Hollywood debut was in Baywatch where she was reduced to a caricature of a vamp.

In A Kid Like Jake which I had the privilege of seeing this week, Priyanka is cast as Amal,a mother of a young son whose husband (played by Asif Mandvi) is an obnoxious insensitive self-obsessed money-making Asian.

Priyanka has just three sequences with Claire Danes who plays the lead of the perplexed mother .In all three sequences Priyanka leaves an impression specially in the well-crafted dinner sequence at restaurant where her husband insists on embarrassing her in front of guests.

In terms of footage it is not a big role.And if offered a similar ‘heroine ki saheli’ part in Bollywood(the kind Aruna Irani played in the 1970s) Priyanka would have rejected it outright. But here in a prestigious American film she seems content doing a secondary role, albeit a well-etched but peripheral part.

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