Goodbye To Guest Appearances For Shah Rukh Khan

No more cameos and guest appearances for Shah Rukh Khan. The decision, not taken for the first time, comes  after the underwhelming cameo as a magician in the Salman Khan starrer Tubelight.

The general feeling is, though SRK played a magician in Tubelight there was no magic in his presence.

According to sources close to Shah Rukh Khan, the Superstar has taken a firm and irreversible  decision to not do any more guest appearances and cameos to favour friends.

Shah Rukh Khan has done the maximum number of  cameos  and “friendly appearances”(literally, as he does them to please friends)  to help out friends and aspirants. In all he has done cameo appearances in 31 films so far.

In fact Shah Rukh took a conscious  decision to stay away from fleeting appearances some time ago .Last year he was required to make a very important cameo appearance in Nagesh Kukunoor’s Dhanak which was based entirely on a story about two kids journeying across the deserts of Rajasthan to meet Shah Rukh Khan.

The film had to be finally made without the Superstar’s presence.

The guest appearance in Tubelight was done only because Salman requested Shah Rukh personally.

No more.

In fact some  years  Shah Rukh who has done guest appearances  , cameos  and voiceovers  in  innumerable  films  had told me he would stop  doing guest appearances.

SRK had said,  “I’d do  these things for any friend. If I’ve decided not to do guest appearances any more  it’s because I’ve no way of knowing how these  roles finally turn out.I’ve no control over  special appearances.”

Well, it looks like he has finally realized the futility of  “friendly” appearances .

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