Goopi Gaawaiya Baagha Bajaiya Movie Review: It Will Make You Smile


Goopi Gawaiya  Baagha Bajaiya

Animation film directed  by Shilpa Ranade

Rating: ***(3 stars)

A  bright bouncy  cheerful effervescent  tribute  to  Satyajit Ray’s  1969  children’s classic  Goopy Gyne BaghaByne is  a step forward  for  animation films, a genre still in its infancy in  Indian cinema groping around  in  the dark trying to find a competitive  ground with the likes  of  FrozenMoana, Lego and Inside  Out in  Hollywood.

Animation is  big business in  the West. In Indian cinema  it hasn’t even started  to make an impact. Given  the bleak and bland  scenario  and   the fact that  it must compete with  feature films  like Luka Chuppi and Sonechiriyathis week Goopi Gawaiya Bagha Bajaiya(GGBB) does well for itself, at least as  far as telling an engaging story  in a credible colourful animation  format goes.

For those who came in late(and  please don’t do that, this is  just a brief  film barely more than an hour long) this is the  story  of two  bumbling goofy but endearing musicians and their escapades  in  an imaginary kingdom of fools.

The  plot (based on  Upendra Roy Kishore’s classic story ) is zany to the utmost.

The  animation characters  are reasonably  well  handled. But the real backbone  of  the film is  the music  by  3 Brothers  &   Violin. It adds  a layer  of prankish lustre  to the going-on. This weekend take  your young ones  for a joyful  ride into the  kingdom  of  magic. This  could be their introduction the world  of Satyajit Ray.

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