Goosebumps 2 Hollywood Trash Brought To India

Goosebumps 2

Starring Madison Iseman, Jack Black

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Directed by Ari Sandel

Rating:  half a star

There was a time  when everything ‘Made In America’ was tempting for us Indians. No more. This utterly trashy Halloween children’s-horror is a horror of an unexpected kind, and not just for children,

Lazily written, clumsily  performed and with special effects  that  please only those who haven’t been beyond Shaktimaan,Goosebumps 2 is a product of Trump’s America. Shallow silly and exceedingly annoying,  it  takes our brains for  a  horror refrain  in an expected  way. After a while I  didn’t know why I was watching it in the  first place.

Or for that matter why we need to import trashy cinema when we have enough  of our own to deal with.

 The apology of a plot  has three teenagers , Sarah(Madison Iseman) her brother Sunny(Jeremy Taylor) and a  friend Sam Carter(Kaleel Harris) trying to stop the terror  unleashed in their small suburban town by an animated  ventriloquist’s dummy. The  dummy(voiced with bullying grace by  Mick Wingert)  is  just about the  only spirited character in the  comatose plot populated  by amateur actors who think it is cool to sound like models from  ads selling cookies to bored  housewives.

 By the time the  awakened ghouls  go on  a rampage on Halloween night (don’t ask how, it is just a string of nonsensical plot propulsion) we are  looking at a mess of  movie  with no  redemptive  strokes  to put it back on the right track. I even saw Jack Black the  only  remotely  talented actor in this bewitched balderdash who drops in  and quickly leaves , as though he has just got a whiff of  the chaos that’s been constructed  in the name of children’s horror.

Children’s horror? No quite. More like  horror that is unintentionally funny.No child or  adult  would  have the patience  to sit through this glamorous  garbage.

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