Govinda Teams Up With Pahlaj Nihalani Again, For An Action Film On Human Trafficking

For those who thought it was going to be a quiet year for the former chairperson of the CBFC, here’s news .

Pahlaj Nihalani is back in action. He is all set to produce and direct a film with his old and most trusted actor Govinda, who it might be added is in desperate need of a hit.

Nihalani who introduced Govinda to the screen in 1986 with Ilzaam is all set collaborate with his “most favourite star-actor” in a sequel to Ilzaam.

Says Nihalani, “Well, it is a sequel only to the extent that we will call the film Ilzaam. Otherwise the storyline which is going to be very topical, is not related to the old Ilzaam at all. We may also call it Ground Zero.We haven’t decided yet. What we’ve decided is that this will be Govinda’s first all-out action film with the kind of stunts that Sunny Deol , Akshay Kumar and Tiger Shroff are known to perform.”

Govinda has already started shedding kilos and gaining muscles for what promises to be his comeback film.

Says Nihalani, “I can tell you this. Audiences have never seen Govinda run around so much. This will be a film on human trafficking and the drug trade set in Delhi. You will see Govinda like never before. Both of us have combined in the past with great success in Ilzaam, Aankhen and Shola Aur Shabnam. It’s now time to show a new side to Govinda’s personality. His birth as action hero will shock audiences.”

Nihalani has hired some of the best trainers and stun directors to bring Govinda back into shape.

Says Nihalani excitedly, “This actor has so much more to give. You mark my words. 2018 will be the comeback year of Govinda.”

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