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Govinda To Watch And ‘Bless’ Judwaa!



David Dhawan –Govinda Patch Up…

There have been lots of  stories  doing the rounds about the great fall-out between  director David Dhawan and his one-time favourite actor Govinda.

Govinda went as far as to suggest that David his one-time mentor and friend had proven to be a full-blown opportunist who dumped the actor hard during his hard times.Govinda even sniggered  in the media when comparisons were made between Varun Dhawan and  Govinda.

David and Varun never retaliated. According to  source the father and son were quietly looking to pacify Govinda.

Milking the supposed feud between the two were  the tabloid journalists constantly fuelling their mutual animosity with manufactured  stories of a friendship fractured. The most recent attempt to widen the rift is a story about one of the  old songs from the original  Judwaa dropping Govinda’s name from the lyrics in Judwaa2.

In a hurried reconciliatory  gesture  David reached out to his old pal earlier this  week with two offers that he,  Govinda, couldn’t  refuse.

Says  a  source in the know, “David offered Govinda  his  next film and an invitation  to watch his son’s Judwaa 2.Govinda gladly accepted both the offers.”

Confirming that the illwill  with Govinda had been dissolved  David says, “We’re all friends in the industry.There was  never any problem with Govinda. If he was hurt that I hadn’t worked with him  for a  while, he had every reason to be hurt. Govinda has the right to pull me  up if he has a grievance. The rivalry and  animosity is  created in the media to sell sensational stories. Govinda and I never had a problem. We’re definitely working  together  again.Why shouldn’t we?”

About the song  in Judwaa 2 which  deleted Govinda’s name David explains patiently, “It’s a  new version  of the old Salman song. We can’t have the same references again for Varun.”

Right now  David Dhawan’s focus is on the release  of Judwaa . “There are queues  and crowds at the advance booking counters. This, in today’s day and age , is no joking matter. Films are flopping left right and centre. Given the grim situation I am grateful that  audiences still want to see my film.”

Judwaa 2 is  David’s  40th film. “Can you believe it! How  time  flies.  While tastes have changed I still continue to make films. Judwaa 2 is  my 40th film. I am sure  audiences will love it.”

Will Govinda see Judwaa2  in  the near  future?

“Of course,in the soonest possible time.Varun is like a son  toGovinda. He  needs his blessings,” says  David.

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