Govinda’s Nephew Dies Of A Heart Attack

Actor  Govinda’s  nephew Janmendra Ahuja, an aspiring  filmmaker who  was Govinda’s  elder brother Kirti Kumar’s  son , died  suddenly of a heart attack in Mumbai  on Thursday.

The shell-shocked  family who rushed  to  the venue of  the  tragedy,was trying to come to terms with the  enormity and suddenness  of tragedy.

While Govinda remained  unavailable  for comment a close friend revealed that Govinda’s relations with his brother’s family was  not very  warm . “While their mother was alive Govinda and  Kirti Kumar were  very close. Kirti produced and directed  the  ambitious  and  costly Govinda-Juhi Chawla starrer Radha Ka Sangam on which Govinda  lost  a lot of money.Govinda accused his brother  of  being more interested  in  promoting Juhi than  making a good film.The two parted ways and have remained distant since then. This  sudden tragedy  has brought the two families close  again.”

Now much is known about the deceased  nephew except that he  directed  his star-uncle Govinda in a film entitled Jahan Jaayeega Humen Paayeega. The film  bombed and Janmendra made no headway in his career.

 Call it ill luck but no member of Govinda ‘s family , not even   his nephew Krushna Abhishek(a stand-up comedian) has  succeeded in  making a career  in cinema.

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