Great Reviews, Zero Boxoffice For Saif Ali Khan

If we are  talking about boxoffice, then Saif Ali Khan’s name must be mentioned among the  top losers  among current actors. An immensely gifted actor, he seems  to  have a zero connect with the audience. His last 7 feature films have been thundering flops.

While the critics  have gone into raptures  over his ruthless Gujarati stockbroker in  his latest  release Baazaar, the  film has opened to dismal boxoffice collection and is sure  to add to the growing list of  the  actor’s flops.

A  trade analyst who doesn’t want to be  named, blames  Saif’s “disconnect”  with the audience  for  the  failure  of his films. “Unlike the other Khans—Shah Rukh, Salman, Aamir—Saif doesn’t immediately connect with the audience. He has a polished westernized  personality, like Shashi Kapoor  in  the 1960s and  70s.”

Says  trade analyst Amod Mehra, “His  films flopping ,  is mainly because Saif doesn’t see any Hindi films. I am not saying it. He said it himself. Since he’s oblivious to the trends in Hindi cinema he is  at sea when  it comes to choosing scripts.”

 With Baazaar being the  latest in a  long line  of flops for Saif  the  question is, what does he do next?

A  director who has delivered  a dud with Saif in the lead , feels the web series is  the ideal breeding ground  for Saif’s talent. “He  was widely appreciated in  Netflix’s Sacred Games. If  the same film had been released  in theatres it would have been  a boxoffice dud.”

Immediately  before Netflix’s Sacred Games, the Saif starrer Kaalaakandi was  being seriously pushed  by its producers as an online release .Netflix was seen as  a solid platform to release Kaalaakandi and the  producers who were  in the panic mode post Saif’s flop binge ,were  happy to have found a way out for their  niche film.

 However  Saif are hopping mad. He  put his foot down, and Kaalaakandi was released in theatres, with disastrous results.But now  after the heartening response  to  Saif’s Sacred Games on Netflix it is likely that we will get to see more of  him on theinternet  than on the large screen.

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