GUESS why Ajay Devgn will be in Shirdi, just FOUR days before Golmaal Again releases?

Ajay Devgn is a deeply spiritual actor who prefers not to wear his religion or acts of charity on his sleeve because he’s intensely private and does not like to showcase his personal life. He is known to be there for many events without asking for a Rupee in remuneration because they matter to him or they are about issues close to his heart.  One such event is the International Marathon happening on October 15 in Shirdi as part of the Saibaba Centenary celebrations organized by the Shri Saibaba Sansthan Trust. Ajay Devgn not only launched the International Marathon at Mumbai today but will also flag it off in Shirdi in October – four days before his Diwali entertainer Golmaal Again hits the Box Office. The marathon will be the first of its kind in Shirdi happening from this year.

GUESS why Ajay Devgn will be in Shirdi, just FOUR days before Golmaal Again releases? 2

Talking about what made him be a part of such a marathon Ajay says, “My father is a big devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba. Ever since we were kids we used to go there once in three months and that’s how my journey started and then I kept going. That’s been my connection with Shirdi since childhood. It gives me lot of peace. My father is 75 years old and he’s not that well, he tends to forget things but he never forgets to go to Shirdi. Once a month he wakes up in the morning and tells me that he wants to go to Shirdi and he always goes. These guys take care of him beautifully.”

Ajay adds that the organizers of the marathon and the Shri Saibaba Sansthan Trust approached him asking how they could spread awareness about such a big event. “They are very simple people and have never done any such big function earlier so when they came to me and told me it was going to be 100 years of Shirdi and they wanted to do a marathon. They asked me what they could do about it so I said I could give all my support to at least create the awareness and reach out to the media who could reach out to the people and let them know that this is what is happening. October 15I will be in Shirdi to flag it off. Hopefully with Golmaal Again releasing after that, my whole team will come with me and flag it off.”

PICS: Ajay Devgn at the press con at Sun N Sand hotel in Juhu today to launch the International Marathon Shirdi.



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