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Gully Boy & Ranveer Wow Berlin

Zoya Akhtar’s  Gully Boy has  scored big at the Berlin Film Festival where  the  eagerly-awaited film was  screened  on Saturday night.

Ranveer Singh who attended  the  screening along with his  co-star Alia Bhatt, director ZoyaAkhtar and  producer Ritesh Sidhwani was  quite simply  “blown away” by  the  audience reaction.

He  watched  the  film with the Berlin audience and then answered all their questions on  the cultural  references  in  Gully Boy.

By the end  of  the screening and  the interaction  Ranveer had  the  Berlin audience  and critics making curious  inquiries about his  whereabouts and  antecedents.

No doubt a new Bollywood star  is  born in the West.

Says  producer  Ritesh Sidhwani , “It was sheer madness.We  got an excellent reaction from the Berlin  audience. There was whistling and  clapping whenever  the  songs came on.”

Writing on the  film after  its screening at the Berlin  Film Festival the Hollywood Reportersays, “Zoya Akhtar …. directs with flair and passion and, aided by explosive performances from a right-on cast, triumphs over the familiarity of the star-is-born storyline. Her main asset is Ranveer Singh, who broke into Bollywood with the rom com Band Baajat Baaraatand who here shows a pleasingly full emotional range that extends to drama and hip hop.  With his hair combed over his eyes and noticeably muscle-bound, he is heroic but mild-mannered, rarely exceeding the sphere of believability.”

Ranveer, we hear, wants his new bride Deepika  Padukone  Singh  and his parents and only sister  to be the first ones  to see Gully Boy in India.

After two  blockbusters Padmaavat and Simmba in  2018, it is evident that Ranveer Singh will  commence 2019  with yet another  remarkable success.


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