Gully Boy’s Hip-Hop Saga To Continue, Zoya Confirms (But No Farhan Again, Here’s Why)

For those  of  you out there who just can’t get enough of the Indie hip-hop  in Zoya Akhtar’s  pitch-perfect Gully Boy,  there  is  some heartening  news.

Gully Boy will  have a  sequel…or rather an  extension in  a new  film where  the entire hip-hop/rap culture gets  expanded.

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Speaking on  the  sequel  Zoya tells me, “My co-writer Reema  Kagti and  I   do feel there’s  so much more to be  said on  the entire hip-hop culture  in our country  .And  yes, another  film exploring the  theme  is being  scripted and  planned.”

While more details  on  the  project are being awaited here is something we  can tell you about  the  project. Again , there will be no  Farhan Akhtar in  it.

Gully Boy  is  the  first film  directed  by Zoya Akhtar that doesn’t feature her brother.

And  here  she  reveals  the reason why.  “He just didn’t fit into Gully Boy.And we’re both sorry about it. Also, his image  from the Rock On series is affiliated  to   an entirely different genre  of music. It would have been  a  bit of a culture shock for  the audience  to suddenly see him swerve from stadium-rock to hip-hop.”

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