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Gurmeet Choudhury: No Fight, No Divorce



.My Wife Has No Problems With My  Erotic Scenes

Television’s Rama has in his own words, turned into  Ravan. Gurmeet Choudhury erotic love-making scenes and innumerable torrid smooches with co-star Sana Khan in a forthcoming film has given him an all-new image.

“It has changed my life and career,” confesses Gurmeet. “People have suddenly taken notice of me.”

There are  strong whispers  in the entertainment industry that Gurmeet’s wife DebinaBonnerjee has taken strong exception to her husband’s intimacy wows in Tum Wajeh Holeading to a massive showdown between the couple during a vacation in Sri Lanka.

Gurmeet laughs off these rumours. “First of all,Debina and I were in Sri Lanka for an event and not a vacation.Secondly we did not fight over my hot scenes in my film. Why would we? She was very much aware of the content. Yes, I told her about my scenes with Sana .Being an actor herself she knows that’s not me making love on camera. She not only gave her consent but also encouraged me to give those smouldering scenes  all the spark that I could give.”

Gumeet sees no conflict with his wife in this matter. “It’s not as if Debina didn’t know I was doing this  film. She loved the script of Wajah Tum Ho as much as I did. From the time I read the script about a live murder I  was hooked to it. I didn’t  do the film for the steamy scenes. I did it for the opportunity to  play a very unique character.”

The  torrid scenes didn’t deter Gurmeet. “When I was told about the erotic scenes I  gladly agreed. I idn’t even think my wife would object. She is a professional actor.And I’d support her the same way if she had to do sensuous scenes. In fact I have encouraged and supported her to such scenes in a serial. When she was offered Madhumati she had other options. But I advised her to take  up Madhumati even when there were intimate scenes with her co-star.That’s because the script was worth the effort.”

The actor says no misunderstanding about his professional commitment can come in the way of their marriage. “I’ve known and loved Debina from when I was 17. We’ve practically grown up together in the entertainment industry. We know this profession demands us to get intimate with our co-stars.We also know how fragile relationships are in this industry.We are not letting go of our relationship for some flimsy reason.”

Gumeet clarifies that Sana Khan, the object of his on-screen affection, is  a friend of the couple. “Both Debina and I  have known Sana through her association with television.In fact Debina is closer to Sana than I am. Perhaps if I had to do these intimate scenes with a stranger  it may have been awkward.”

Gurmeet can’t understand why such a hue and cry is made over kissing scenes. “There is a double standard at work here. When a top actor does kissing scenes he is praised for his commitment and dedication. When  someone relatively new to cinema like me does kissing scenes he is condemned for being cheesy. Sorry,I don’t buy that. I see nothing cheap or cheesy in the erotic scenes with Sana.”

Gurmeet is no stranger stardom. He shot to fame as Rama in the serial Ramayan and has consciously tried to do varying roles since then. “Everyone told I’d be typecast in mythologicals  after playing Rama. Other actors who have played Rama have suffered this fate. But I  was  not worried. I did two completely different parts in the serials Geetand Punar Vivah before stepping into films. The so-called ‘hot’ image is not something I’ve worked towards. People see me as Rama turned Ravan. But to me playing MaryadaPurushottam is just as challenging as playing a modern-day Casanova. I don’t feel embarrassed about taking off my clothes .I was bare-torsoed as Rama as well.”

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